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Power of Attorney

John understands the emotional pain and sadness which we all experience after the death of a close family member. John has also seen the chaotic and divisive effects of the deceased who failed to plan for their death which often triggers among heirs a protracted fight over property.  John’s goal is to ensure the smooth transfer of property and wealth from generation to generation by assisting each client in developing and implementing a plan for their estate.  John has 5 years’ experience practicing estate planning and probate law and believes that it is his job to get to know you and your family and background while leading you through the important decision-making process of determining the distribution of your property after death.  Communication, honesty, and trust are key to determining the best course of action for your important estate planning and probate matter so John makes himself available 24 hours a day to estate planning and probate clients.  John currently handles the following matters:

  • Wills & Will Contests

  • Probate of Wills, Heirship Proceedings

  • Trusts

  • Advanced Directives, Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney

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